“Toronto’s creative-improv scene, from free jazz to abstract electronics, has been making a slow, stubborn comeback, but one thing it’s lacked is a flagship group, comparable to the Hard Rubber Orchestra in Vancouver, where the players showcase the local accent. It may finally have arrived in Drumheller, a five piece that often sounds twice as big. Drummer Nick Fraser and bassist Rob Clutton supply an nearly old-fashioned chromatic swing that permits sax player Brodie West, trombonist Doug Tielli and guitarist Eric Chenaux (and egregiously overlooked musician) to chase unpredictable squiggles and swirls. Drumheller plays with a loping humour essential to the emerging Toronto sound, influenced by Michael Snow’s CCMC as well as the Dutch dadaists who visit often. While this album is a quick, live-recorded document of a group just feeling out its potential, the vital force is unmistakable.”
-Carl Wilson, Globe & Mail