Treacle Wall is a collection of pieces by Marmots fulcrum Martin Arnold. Recorded live at Toronto's Mercer Union, Treacle Wall  displays an Arte Povera approach to instrumentation and recording while evoking the disparate worlds of the Shags, Robert Johnson, composers Morton Feldman and José Evangelista, painter Agnes Martin, and potter George Ohr. Exuding joy in apparent juniper-soaked sloppiness, they revel in the languid and austere melodies that slide about in a bendable, crust-laden heterophony. With titles and associated terms recalling knives and extended lingo - sheath and knife, shank, shank's pony (slang for "we will have to walk", and shank also a cut of beef), a marmot being a rabbit-sized rodent-like animal, treacle (sap-like substances), and loose warp (a term from tapestry for the ends of long threads on a loom), Arnold reveals himself as not just a lover of words, but ideas based in the fragile origins and workings of life’s small, crucial goings-on. Through this, despite its necessarily cosmopolitan creative and performance context, Treacle Wall  maintains a rustic nature that is rare at this point in time. While in its weakest moments displaying a slight self-consciousness, as with each of the Rat-drifting CD's, I admire Treacle Wall, but only given a temporary cessation of the Heissenberg principle - while we look at and listen to these recordings, we don't want their having been heard to change them, or to compromise their independent and unbridled qualities.”
--Paul Steenhuisen, Whole Note Magazine