Going is only ever from A to B.
But where are these places?

If I am going to draw a circle, I am gone before the circle is begun.
A is the moment at which any semblance of intention comes into existence, unless I am to draw the circle unintentionally.
If the circle is to be drawn unintentionally, A is the moment that the chain of events (leading to the drawing) begins.
In either case (and in every case), A can easily be shown to be the beginning of time.
I arrive at B as the pen touches the paper, to draw.
If the circle is never completed, then I was not going to draw a circle, despite the fact that I may have already reached B.
It's as if I was to go to a friend's house and being told, after knocking on the door for an hour, that she no longer lives there.
I reach the house but I am not "there".
C is the closure of the circle.
We don't go there.
Its existence or non-existence indicates whether or not we have in fact arrived at the place to which we thought we were going in the first place.

If I am going to love someone forever, then C is at the imaginary end of all future beyond the point at which my love begins.
But I am gone long before that love takes form.
And I will never know if I have actually reached my destination (except imaginarily).

If I am going to stay here, then I am gone long before I decide to stay.
If I am going to stop going places, then I am gone long before I decide to start stopping.

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-- Ryan Driver