Flocklight, the first release by Josh Thorpe, Toronto experimental musician and publisher, employs methods such as transcription, transposition, time-stretching, re-orchestration, harmonic extrapolation, degeneration, and human error to drastically alter two songs, one by Tom Waits and one by the Shaggs. These two songs provide the entire source material for the record, but appear only as ghosts beneath layers of sound. From trombone, guitar, synth, and drums to violins, lap steel, vintage keys, and mouth harp, Flocklight’s detailed, refined movements shimmer and surprise.

“When I heard Flocklight I felt like a kid being introduced to chocolate by falling into a river of it. It is like the score to a dream: Jack Nietzsche in a cowboy hat rides into the holy mountain on a horse drawn carriage. I really love it.”
-Sandro Perri, Polmo Polpo